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17-Sep-2017 19:50

I’m Canadian so I don’t know if they sell it in America.

If you’re Canadian, I’ve seen it in Loblaws stores (natural foods, refrigerated) and Costco.

US vegans generally turned vegan younger (mean age 22.4) than UK vegans (mean age 24.9).

It might seem weird at first, but your favourite drink might have more than just alcohol in it.

Read More NYHC greats Killing Time turn 30 this year, and they're celebrating the anniversary with a one-off hometown show.

They're also repressing their 1989 debut LP 'Brightside' and their Raw Deal demo on vinyl...

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Some are hacks, some are actual menu items, and many are viable meal options.

From Subway, to Burger King, and even Dominos Pizza — customers have taken to Instagram and shared their #veganfastfood success stories — proving that with just a bit of curiosity and creativity you too can enjoy a hot batch of waffle fries.