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09-Feb-2018 17:30

After creating a backup, Naviextras Toolbox will start downloading and installing the selected updates.

A double status bar shows you the progress: the one on top shows the total ratio of the job already done, and the one at the bottom shows progress with the current file.

Rearranging items, formatting items, or reusing the same data-bound field in multiple data regions are examples of modifications that do not invalidate existing data bindings.

Similarly, if you modify a part of the data source that is not used in the report, you do not need to update the bindings.

When software updates are available we will post information on how to download them on our Blog, so we recommend checking the Blog regularly.

If you purchased update(s), please click on the “Updates” button in the menu bar on the left hand side.

If you modify a dataset in the project by removing or renaming fields or tables, the report definition that is bound to the dataset will no longer contain valid references.

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This not only takes the freedom to choose, often better, software away from you, but also increases the price a lot as you’re paying extra for the software.

At run time, all of the bindings and data source information must be in sync in order for the report output to contain the data that you expect.

After you have bound data to a report and have already bound a report to a Updating the report definition is necessary if you are copying files between projects that have different datasets or if you modified the datasets used in your project.

OK, I’ve bought my GPS and I’m trying to choose the right software, what should I choose?

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: This update will need to update the database tables used by the program.Use the steps on this page to make sure that your antivirus program has the newest information about viruses that might infect your computer.

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