Rss not updating wordpress

30-Sep-2017 01:06

Multiple RSS feeds can be added for a single widget and they get seperated in tabs.The plugin is fully customizable with external styles and with some inbuilt color styles.

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Once installed, the plugin allows you to define one or more RSS feeds from external sites, and then display the posts from those feeds on your blog.

Whatever the reason, feel free to use this option to purge your site’s cache as well!

After purging your site’s cache, purge your browser’s cache and refresh the page as well.

However, by making use of the optional add-ons for this plugin, you can do a lot more.

You can import the post from the original sources, including post content, images and videos, into a Word Press post or any other custom post type.Here are some tips on adding feeds to your feedly or discovering them on the site: Sometimes when you see you have the correct and that the site produces new content, they might have blocked us – in this case, please let us know either through Twitter: or the Open Community: Thank you.