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Back in my single days, I had an unspoken Saturday night routine with one of my paramours: We’d go out to dinner, get drinks, maybe go see some music, I’d sleep over, he’d cook breakfast, and then I would head home, not to see him again until the next Saturday.He was in a demanding grad school course, and I had my undergrad classes plus an internship. “It’s like one day a week, I have a boyfriend, and the other six I’m single.” It was eating my cake and having it, too: I could spend Monday through Friday with my friends and my schoolwork and come Saturday night, I’d still have a familiar face to complain about my boss to, and then kiss.Have whoever's shooting step back just enough to get a three-fourths shot of your body."Urbinati: "White can wash out in photos, so if you're in shape, a simple well-fitting crew tee or Henley in gray is flattering and effortless.To look more put together, try dark jeans, a slim-collar shirt, and a well-tailored suit jacket in gray—it reads more casual than black, less preppy than navy."Displaying your guts by completing questions like "On a typical Friday night I am..." and "I'm really good at..." will make you feel self-conscious and absurd— and that's normal.Also, there's a specific place for you to talk up your hobbies, and it's not your handle, ILike Sexn Soccer. (And if they were, Ding Dong 9Inch Wong would take it every year.) All a username has to convey is "I'm not crazy." Your profile can take it from there.Wouldn't this same sentiment—"I enjoy playing soccer in the park, and an active sex life is important to me"—sound less caveman-ish in your actual profile? Davidson: "People need to see your face, but shooting up close with a wide-angle lens makes your nose look bigger.

I’ve been meaning to check out that new exhibit at Mo MA, but work is so crazy right now.

Right at the local yuppie bar are around one in a million.

When mobile dating apps started replacing traditional dating sites, I couldn't deny that they presented a more efficient way to meet other single people in my city.

I’d love to come to dinner, but I’m going to a gallery opening that night, then getting drinks, then seeing a friend’s band.

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It never ends, and it’s hard to imagine a relationship fitting into that whirlwind schedule, especially when starting up a serious relationship tends to mean you disappear from the world for six months, all your friends and plans forgotten in a haze of oxytocin.

We all know someone who never leaves the office, literally or figuratively.

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