Fuck now mobile

04-Oct-2017 19:02

Fuck now mobile-47

outlook busy time not updating

At Google they’re actually smart enough to relevance for your ranking.

This little fucking cunt has decided not to renew his contract with us depsite coming him kissing the badge coming out and saying his career will be Milan, he got a offer worth 5 fucking mil per year and decided to reject it.

i can only say fuck this game and fuck ea, after playing for 4 mounths , without no luck , this week bought some nba cash for stamina refils, refils it 1000 x times, 37 AW collectibles, and 30 supermacy lebron collegtibles , open it after event as many of u do, no all star mvp, no fast break no box out, changed big moments l my second worst player in game kyle lowery and get george which i dont need in place of durant... bye guys , no more sense to be even in this site to write posts, coments , you lost one great player and human!

spent so much cash , energy,stamina, and this long maintence after it, and still nothing, no 1 good player or collectible i need!!! deleting this fucking game from mobile and deleting from this site, better to play with my girlfriend tits than this fucking not giving game!

If you even put your girlfriend's tits in the same sentence as a game, then clearly you don't have a girlfriend.

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saltire dating

I don't want to wait another second so whip out that big hard cock so I can shove it down my throat totally balls deep.

There is ONLY so much time and energy I can give a sodding ‘Smartphone’ before it winds me up. It doesn’t matter how many texts or tweets or do, at some point you need to close the deal or discuss the offer. – My phone call should never, ever be terminated because of network-busy or the handset flucking up. No Smartphone can do all of the above, on a continuous basis. It looks to me like they’re too busy trying to figure out how to process 3G data to worry about placing your phone calls properly. Or forcing the other party to have to go seconds and half-minutes without hearing you.

Nothing on Earth in the Smartphone category seems to satisfy me. Not a single sodding Smartphone on the market today. In fact it’s one of the class-leading Smartphone-That-Works-Ok-As-A-Phone devices. The T-Mobile G1 is a big disappointment as a primary device.

Concluding by the supremacy event the EA company is one of the worlds finest urine lover groups in the history of man kind.

Dear EA, i will send liters and liters of my urine for free as for you to taste and enjoy. Fully responsive, loads in 500 ms, and Google’s shiny shittool tells me my mobile performance is “fair”, bc of render-fucking-blockhead CSS. 🍻 If it is below 1 second, songs will be sung about you.