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30-Aug-2017 00:15

Wendy is very supportive and passionate about finding appropriate matches, but more importantly she takes the time to understand what you are looking for in a potential lifetime partner.

Just by talking to Wendy and scoping out my own personality traits has really helped me refine what I’m looking for.

It probably couldn’t have been a more perfect match – she was attractive, incredibly enthusiastic about her work, well- traveled, easy to talk to, and had a very kind heart.

I definitely would not have had the opportunity to meet her without Society W’s introduction.

Lonely people live all over the world and use any opportunity to get acquainted.

In real life there is a lack of time for dating so the best way for it is dating through Origin Club Social Dating Network for correspondence, Live Chat, joint travelings and even marriage.

People here are really friendly (every time I’m lost, two or three people come up and help me figure out where I am).

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Red House (MRT Ximen) Easily reachable via MRT, Red House is a major shopping area and the location of the first gay bar in Taipei.The ACC website may not show correctly on the browser you are using - please consider using an alternative browser such as the most recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer (IE8 or higher).The best that Taipei has to offer to the international community – camaraderie, sports, entertainment, fine dining and relaxation – all together in one unique place.Then there will be romantic dates, restaurants, long walkings under the moon and kisses...

A happy couple will be a logical continuation of international acquaintances with Origin Club!The Red House was built in 1908; it’s a major historical land mark and the area around it has grown to include Thai restaurants and leather bars.