Cost of sedating a dog

05-Jan-2018 16:07

Dogs generally require anesthesia or very heavy sedation before dental cleanings, dental x-rays, or complete dental examinations.

Anesthesia is sometimes used for taking x-rays of other areas of the body, especially if the patient is painful and positioning for x-rays would result in more pain.

Life would be grand if every dog and cat quietly still while receiving a haircut. Unfamiliar environments like that of the grooming salon tend to inspire feelings of profound anxiety in our pets.

There will always be the twitching, wriggling, howling and whining when our pets are out of their turf.

Air travel is as safe for pets as it is for people.Your pet will travel in a special cargo compartment within the aircraft.This compartment is both climate controlled and pressurized for your pet’s safety and comfort, and it is on the same air circulation system as the cabin.Add in the poor unfamiliar care professional and the entire situation can seem hopeless.

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No matter how desperate the situation may be, only a veterinarian should administer chemical sedatives to an animal.We don't know his previous history, but he is very mixed up.

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